The Evolution of Undergarments

28 May;  Author: SexyBras4Me

Corsets were originally designed to cling to a woman’s delicate shape and augment their figure. The invention of corsets led to the development of the bustier and, eventually, turned in to what is popularly known now as the brassier or bras. Lingerie pieces like the string bustier and silk corsets are amongst the favorites of women who want to be at their sexiest.

While the original purpose of lingerie is pragmatic, many of today’s undergarments are simply for aesthetics. In today’s generation, wearing sexy lingerie is no longer a taboo subject. In fact, wearing lingerie has become a lifestyle for every woman who wants to look sexy and feel sexy all the time.


What is a Chemise?

9 June;  Author: SexyBras4Me

Scarlett O’Hara called hers “my shimmy,” but today the chemise refers to a short, sometimes loose-fitting women’s undergarment or piece of lingerie, usually sleeveless. In the classic usage, it refers to a simple garment worn directly next to the skin to protect clothing from sweat and body oils. During the Middle Ages, women wore chemises under their gowns, and the chemise was usually the only article of clothing that received regular washing.

Today, however, the chemise is rarely worn as a day-to-day undergarment. Most chemises have exotic cuts and are made from lace, mesh and other delicate fabrics. This trend has culminated to the sheer chemise, which is a virtually see-through piece of lingerie typically reserved for special occasions.


Apple Flattery

20 May;  Author: admin

An apple shape has little waist definition.  To flatter this type of figure, choose a plus sized chemise that has a flared silhouette, or a plus sized babydoll with high waistline (just under the bust.) If you feel your legs aren’t your best asset, wear a long gown with a full sweep or an A-line shape, or a long, high-waisted gown. Remember, sexy lingerie comes in fabrics that aren’t sheer, such as silk or synthetic silk (polyester or rayon). The lack of sheerness will focus attention on the cleavage, shoulders and legs; and a silky feeling fabric lends its own seduction to the garment. A two-toned babydoll, chemise or gown with a lighter top and darker bottom will draw attention to your upper body and away from your mid-section.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Marabou-trimmed satin mules, lace or sheer gloves, a feather boa or fan, a rose — the possibilities are endless! An often-overlooked lingerie accessory is a necklace, especially one made of rhinestones or other glittery  gems. And leave it on! Everytime he sees you wearing it, he’ll remember…

Above all, be comfortable in what you’re wearing. And remember that a big turn-on for a guy is you knowing you look sexy and owning it!


Pear Flattery

13 May;  Author: admin

If you have a pear shaped body, your hips and thighs are larger and your upper body less so. A sexy plus size baby doll gown with a high waist and gathered skirt that skims the tops of the thighs will provide a streamlined silhouette. Or a two-piece outfit with a sexy bra and a matching mini-skirt will draw attention to your cleavage and bare midriff and away from the hips and thighs.

Another alternative is a sexy big shirt. One with vertical tonal stripes will provide a slimming silhouette (if that’s important to you) and strategically-placed pockets will focus attention on what’s behind them rather than on your lower body.

The important thing is that whatever you wear, you feel comfortable in it. This applies both to the way it fits you and the exposure factor of the garment. A big turn-on to a guy is you owning up to the fact that you look sexy. A big turn-off is constantly readjusting this or that or trying to cover up because you’re not comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

We at feel that women should be comfortable in the bodies God gave them and accept themselves for however they are shaped. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t exercise, eat right and stay healthy. Those things are important, but we need to focus on what we are, not what we aren’t.

So put your best assets on display for your man and have a great time doing it!


Figures to Flatter

12 May;  Author: admin

The concept of wearing sexy lingerie is appealing to most. The actual process of choosing what he’ll like, what you’ll like, and what you’ll feel comfortable wearing can be a daunting choice, whether you shop in the petite, tall or plus size lingerie section. This will be a series of articles on body types and what type of lingerie flatters each.

Women’s body types are divided into pear, apple, triangle, ruler and  hourglass shapes. Pear shapes are larger on the bottom and smaller to average on the top. Apple shapes are rounder but with little waist indentation.  Triangle shapes tend to be larger through the shoulders and bustline with slimmer hips and legs. A ruler shape tends to be thinner overall, with a smaller bust and hips. And of course, the hourglass has a well-defined waist with larger bust and hips.

There are a blessed few who have the perfect proportion of everything. The majority of us have areas we think are our best assets, other areas we’re not so comfortable with. You may have Tina Turner legs, a JLo butt, Dolly Parton cleavage, or Michelle Obama arms. Whatever you consider your best asset, that’s what to play up, which will detract from those areas you consider less than your best.

Tomorrow’s article will begin on styles flattering to these body types.


Want to tanga?

11 May;  Author: admin

The word tanga comes from the Portugese and means a triangular loincloth worn by indigenous peoples, or a very brief bikini.

A tanga is a cross between a bikini and a thong, and it originated in South America. The bottom of the suit is similar to a thong and exposes much of the buttocks in the back, while the front is often cut very low with a high waistline. This high waistline helps distinguish the tanga from a thong or G-string. The top is styled like a bikini bra top. Tanga sets are available as swimwear or lingerie.

Fortunately, plus size tanga sets are available for us curvy girls, but the same rules apply. If you’re getting plus size tanga swimwear for the beach or pool, be sure to use the Brazilian bikini wax to make sure you have a clean silhouette!


Curvy Girls

10 May;  Author: SexyBras4Me

For those of you on Facebook, I’ve found this site “Curvy girls are still more attractive than stick figures”. It’s worth checking out. There are advocates and dissenters but it’s always invigorating. A current topic is the refusal of ABC and Fox to air the new Lane Bryant ad promoting plus size bra and panty sets.  Too much skin?! C’mon!! Fox has some of the raciest shows on TV! I’ve personally seen topless females on Fox!

Regardless of their size, women like to look attractive and desirable, whether they’re into punk or prefer a classic look. It’s built in us as humans. Individual definitions of attractiveness and desirability may vary, but the concept is the same. And it starts with feeling attractive and desirable from the inside out. When you have on beautiful, matched lingerie, you have a feeling of confidence whether you’re headed for a power lunch or a noon-time tryst.

So do like the Lane Bryant model did. Don your plus size sexy lingerie and your trench coat and head out to lunch with whomever your Dan may be!


Centuries of Sex

30 April;  Author: admin

I was online researching my latest ren noble costume while I was playing Starfleet Commander on Facebook. While looking at the cover-everything-but the breasts clothing of the sixteenth century, I recalled the mini-skirt-and-knee-boots outfits of the original Star Trek.  And I realized that really nothing has changed through the centuries. Women want to feel attractive and sexy, whether it’s with medieval cinched in waists and extravagant clothing or space age mini-skirts and knee boots.

Fortunately, feeling attractive and sexy is much easier these days, not to mention less time consuming!  Whether you wear plus size lingerie or shop in the juniors’ section, sexy lingerie in the form of a babydoll, a garter belt and stockings, or a bra and panty set is as close as your computer or the local mall.  Whatever your fantasy and whatever your price range, you can find an outfit to spice up your love life.

So whatever your shopping medium of choice, grab some sexy new lingerie and do some play-acting of your own!


Practical and Comfortable Lingerie

29 April;  Author: SexyBras4Me

Let’s face it; one of the main reasons women don’t want to wear lingerie all that often is because it can be so uncomfortable. With lots of straps and strings pressing against the skin, there tends to be irritation at the site of contact. What’s perhaps even more uncomfortable than wearing lingerie is sleeping in it, which does happen from time to time, and can ruin an otherwise romantic evening.  But there are a number of lingerie choices that are less constrictive than others.  For example, baby doll lingerie tends to be much more comfortable than wearing a g-string and bustier, and achieve the same effect. While men find some lingerie more attractive than others, they’re less picky about what you’re wearing than they might lead you to believe. It’s more the act of wearing lingerie tends to turn men on and make them feel special.

It’s best to make a thorough inspection of all lingerie before you buy it. You don’t want to purchase something that is so uncomfortable it makes the thought of intimacy seem unwelcome. Just remember that it’s the act of wearing lingerie more than what you’re wearing, and you’ll be sure to have a romantic and special evening with your man ahead of you!


Style Tips from MTV

28 April;  Author: SexyBras4Me

I was watching MTV the other day and a show came up about a group of kids living together in a house. I usually don’t watch television, but this show was pretty good. I saw such cute clothing pieces in the show that I think I have a new style in mind for my next outfit.

This girl was walking around in boy short panties, and I think that they were the cutest pair of underwear that I have ever seen. Not only were the panties adorable, but they also looked much more comfortable than the thongs and lace numbers that I usually don. I am definitely going to find myself a pair, along with some cool dresses this weekend when I shopping.



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